A few words about us: 


We are Sascha and Elisabeth from Germany. We started playing and collecting miniature and roleplay games 20 years ago.

We always tried to build terrain for the games we played. For example to visualise combats at Dungeons&Dragons. We tried out many different materials, things like polystyrene or wood, but at the end we never were fully satisfied with the results.

Then we started to buy readily usable buildings and terrain from different tabletop terrain companies and although most of their stuff was awesome, we always had the problem that none of these companies offered a wide range of compatible buildings or terrain. We had to buy a tower here and a house there and a hill at the next shop and at the end the board just looked inconsistent.


So, a couple of years ago, we began to create our own blocks and tiles, casted our own molds and started building terrain with our own stuff. The first results were horrible, but step by step the buildings and ruins looked better. Then, one day, we equipped some local tabletop tournaments with our terrain and the feedback was overwhelming. People asked us when and where they could buy our stuff.


Til that day we never had thought about monetizing our hobby, but now we started selling our products at a first (germany only) shop at fantasystones.de, which was launched in late 2014.

In September 2017 we launched this website (fantasy-stones.com), an international version of its german equivalent.


From the start we knew that we wanted to have a building kit system, where each and every block and tile ALWAYS should be compatible to each other.

And that's exactly what you get here! Doesn't matter if you buy a dungeon kit, a ruin, a tower or even a package of 100 blocks or tiles... all of our products are compatible to each other.

So, with our blocks and tiles you can buy whatever you want. They are easy to assemble and paint.


Each and every block, tile, roof, furniture, pillar etc. on this website was HAND-CRAFTED by us and only by us.